Friday, November 8, 2013

Barcelona, Cataluña


Last week, I went to Barcelona with my roommate and two new friends. Micah and Jordana, they were a blast! We took the Renfe/Ave (train) there and got there in less than 3 hours, we had our own table with four seats for a great price. We went on the weekend that Real Madrid played Barcelona which is the biggest rivalry in soccer. Unfortunately, out budgets didn't allow us to go to the game, the ticket prices were ridiculous--Nose bleed seats starting at 400 Euro. We decided to go to a bar/restaurant near the stadium and watch the game there. The ambiance was great and you could hear people chanting from the stadium which made it feel like we were there, except in the exclusive box office seats (haha). 

Aside from the game, we also went to the beach and relaxed for a while. The beach was really cool because I got to see people surf waves for the first time. 

We also took a free walking tour and got to see a lot of cool art and architecture. Overall, this trip was really  fun!

Pablo Picasso's only public art

Cool Street art with Ronald McDonald

La Sagrada Familia 

La Sagrada Familia Plaque

Barca Fans really DISLIKE Real Madrid

Barcelona near a huge church

Beach with sailboats 

Haha My roommate was tired. (Roommate Guillermo-->Left and Micah-->Right)

Model status. My roommate captured this picture and I didn't even mean to pose. 

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