Monday, September 30, 2013

Stuff just got real

Stuff Just Got Real

At Parque del Retiro with my new friends
Hey everyone! So I started school two weeks ago and I can tell you that school here is more difficult than I expected. I am assigned homework everyday and I cannot miss any days of school unless I have a doctors note...So yes! Pretty strict school. Looking at the bright side, I will continue to work hard and not slack off and be ready for school when I get back home.

I am starting the accounting core at DU this winter quarter and I've heard it is extremely difficult and that 58% of the students that take on the challenge drop out of accounting. I really hope that I enjoy accounting and not end up dropping...I will be part of the graduating accounting class!

Now that school has started I feel like I am now a resident of Spain. I no longer feel like a tourist. I don't go out as much any more and I actually have to keep up with my studies.

I am taking a full course load this semester; I am taking: International Management, International Relations, International Business, and España Diversa which is essentially a class taught in Spanish about the history of Spain. So far, I am enjoying my classes and I am very amazed on how smart my colleagues and professors are. They truly inspire me to continue to learn as much as I can.

Aside from school, I like to take walks around the park with my friends and go to the gym. We go to El Parque del Retiro which is like Central Park in New York (Never been to NY but my friends claim it's a replica). At the park they also have a huge lake where you can rent a little boat and paddle around--it is very romantic! Too bad I don't have a girlfriend haha.

Anyway, the past couple of weeks have been very fun and full of adventures. Hopefully my remaining months here in Madrid are as fun and eventful as my first month. =)

Just hanging out at a castle in Segovia where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain lived.
Fun fact: They funded Christopher Columbus' voyage to America

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