Thursday, September 19, 2013

La Villa de Madrid
La Bandera de España-Spain's Flag 

Parque del Retiro

-"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."-Saint Augustine


My name is Jesus Hernandez and I am a Junior at the University of Denver--Class of 2015 Wooooo! So... after getting inspired and fueled from a couple of friends, I decided to create a blog to record my study abroad journey and to hopefully inspire more under-resourced students like me to study abroad. 

When I started college a lot of my friends would ask me, "Where are you going to study abroad?" and "What year are you thinking of going?" Immediately, I felt that I had to study abroad...I then went to the study abroad office at my school and started researching and eventually I got into Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid, España. 

After I was accepted into the program, I was so excited and ready to learn, but now I needed to find a way to fund my experience and dream. My plan was to find an internship for the summer and apply for a lot of scholarships. While I was applying for scholarships, I came up with an idea that I will create a video, a blurb book, and a presentation to inspire more under-resourced students like me to study abroad and to make their study abroad dreams a reality.

So hopefully I can persuade you and inspire you to study abroad. If I did it, you can easily do it too! =)

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